Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today,my friend Pen and I had our weekly day 'out'.

Pen/Penne is not only a recognised potter in Australia (google :Penne Jefford to see some of her magnificent works)
but also an artist with paints and collage.

Lately she has turned her talents to fibre art and oh boy! is she widening my horizons!

Today was our weekly 'day out' and we ventured up to Spotlight (a bit like the USA Walmart)
I went: to only buy some quilter's muslin/scrim,and some black bridal tulle.(smile)

Just recently I used some larger/coarser netting (no way I could call it tulle) and was really disappointed with the results.

But I came away owning some shades of green,brown,blue and grey.

Because Pen is shepherding me towards landscapes, and I've just completed an "Autumn" theme, I purchased fabrics which I hope will produce an Australian landscape.
The two books featured in the pic are one by Australian Gloria Loughman "Luminous landscapes"
and "Color on Paper and Fabric" by Ruth Issett.

I've already washed and folded the fabrics and have a vague idea HOW I want to use them.....dare I say I have another shade of Autumn in mind.

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Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

Sounds like a fun day of shopping. I have to chuckle at the title of your post because my DH heard me saying that I was swearing off SEX and he asked if he did something wrong. ROFL!!!!!

(sorry about the delete, I can't type today!)

Doreen G said...

What- more fabric Maureen!!!!