Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm not really here.........

..........I'm actually over here:
It's just that in the past turbulent six months I haven't actually got my act together........
I've forgotten so much!

When sometime last year I changed the format of my blogger KenmaursCorner I lost all the links etc I had in my sidebars ,and I haven't got round to researching and replacing.

(Has anyone got a spare Aladdin's lamp??)

Well,today's mail delivered me a new book "The Quilter's guide to Pictorial quilts" by Maggie McCormick Gordon,so I think I'll go do some reading,and dreaming!
Nite all!


Doreen G said...

OK so you have got my attention now so where am I supposed to look for you here or there..

Maureen said...

Take your pick Doreen!
I myself prefer the layout of the Wordpress blog but until I regain some of my former blogging 'skills" and sort out my sidebar links for both,you can visit wherever you prefer!