Sunday, March 30, 2008


Two different types of CQ blocks!

The original blocks were my "Rainbow Garden" and I'm wondering if it's possible to combine a "Rainbow Garden "with some
"Dancing Fans /Fan dancing"blocks........
.there is a totally different colourway between the two sets,
but I have this "feeling" that if I combine them,I'm reducing the stack of UFOsand creating a special piece.
There are five "Fan dancing" blocks" and seven "Rainbow Garden" blocks.
The Rainbow Garden blocks are the ones that appeal to me the most: the result of a Round Robin on "southerncrosscrazies"/yahoo group a few years back.
In fact,back when I thought my DH was indestructible.....before the dreaded Prostate cancer knocked him for six (in cricket terminology) and Life was hunky dory
Although there are two totally differing themes,I am seriously thinking of combining them both to commemorate a significant time in our marriage............a Memento Mori.
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Nellie's Needles said...

Your layout looks wonderful to my eyes. Are there rules for crazy quilts? As long as it works design wise and for you personally, I say "go for it".

liniecat said...

Hi love all your pieces but these do seem to 'go'!
Wonder if a black or single colour banding between the blocks would even it all out?
No worries is the banding is wider in some places, guess you could always stitch in a colourfully embroidered, embellished strip or two to even out areas?
Good luck!