Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quiltie: Ticket to Ryde

When I returned from my recent week of RnR with family in Rockhampton, a parcel from Jo S was waiting for me:
It was Jo's "Ticket to Ryde" my part of the great Quiltie swap on one of my groups.
Jo's explanation of her 6 inch fabric art square was:

"The background was of my train tickets printed on fabric;
The braid made good tracks and the ric-rac represents the sometimes rugged journeys I sometimes endure on my way to work.
The tangled lines are self explanatory............"

Jo's piece was timely,as my journey to Rocky was via the
super fast Tilt train (VBG)
which seemed to spend more time on side rails to allow cattle and coal trains through;never maxxed at more than 103 k/hour and was 45 minutes late arriving in Rocky!

Thanks Jo,I appreciate your work!

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