Friday, August 01, 2008


Finally,I'm ready to mail six of my postcards for the Round 7 of Postmark'dArt swap.

These cards come under the category RECYCLED.

Card #1 features wrist watch 'bits' encased in a vinyl 'bottle' and mounted on some (recycled tissue wrapping paper that was manipulated into paper fabric a few months back.
The song "If I could put Time in a bottle" echoed at the back of my mind for ages.
I wish I could recycle on the time I waste dreaming.

Card #2 also features the recycled paper fabric.This time it's one of my doodle pieces cut to shape.

Card#3: We all 'know'that cats have nine lives,don't we?
So,recycling offcuts from other projects,I've recycled this cat's ninth life.
Card #4: About two years ago,this formed part of an attempt at a Journal Quilt depicting stagnation in the Murray River.
I was dissatisfied with the quilt,but recycling part to a 6by 4 inch format makes it work I think.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Maureen and good to see you are "playing with fabric" again. XXX Margaret

Inspired Tokens said...

Beautiful ....I think I like the green one best! But, they are all stunning ...fabulous work!

janjan said...

Beautioful Maur, I'm back blogging and checking things out. Haven't you been busy.



Sarah E. said...

Well, I'm a "young'un" by some standards, but having put 1 hub in jail, having the next shoot himself in front of me, trying all those years to "be the best" wife, mother, yada yada, I sure resonate when you say "enough already" and let yourself "be ME"!!! Thanks for your openness, it's encouraging (and trust me, we ALL need encouragement!!).