Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preparing fabrics for printing

This post is in answer to Kath, who left a comment regarding preparing fabric for printing a soft book for her baby...

Below is my reply to her......
I'm no expert at this type of thing if anyone else has anything constructive to add please do so

I'm guessing that as it's for your baby, you want to be able to launder it?
I'm not really sure how the methods below will stand up to frequent laundering .
I have made quilts and soft books that have been washed many times,
I used fabric paints!And one quilt is 22 years old.........(grandson) and I am surprised that it lasted so well when his mother
machine washed it at least weekly for 8 years.
That was painted with Scarecrow figures.
The other featured the "Bananas in Pyjamas" and it is now 14 years old.

Back to treating fabric:
One method is to initially wash your cotton fabric to remove any dressing from the fabric, then soak fabric in FABRIC SOFTENER and allow to drip dry.
I use A4 size (8by 11" ) and cut freezer paper to measure and lay fabric on the Freezer paper.
Once printed leave aside to dryand heat set with a hot iron.
I tend to use a sheet of baking parchment to prevent scorching fabric.

There is a product in Australia known as Bubble jet set and you use much the same way as the
Fabric softener.
When you have finished with the BJS pour back into bottle for next time.

Oh! I tend to use a cat litter tray for both methods. Naturally it is used only for my fabrics lol

Then again you can now buy treated fabrics specifically for printing on:
Made by BLUMENTHAL Craft

and made in the U.S. they sell 100% Silk Habotai (6 sheets 81/2 inch by 11)
Cotton Twill " :
Artist Canvas same packaging,

So far I have only tried the Artist's canvas, and it was a disaster! It would not feed through my new Epson [printer.
As yet I haven't had time to try out the silk or the cotton twill
But pages of artist canvas, gesso treated go through no problem. Go figure!


market ExtraOrganza a sheer Organza and I love to use it overlaid over other fabrics and colours to add another dimension.

I hope this has been of some use to you..........would love to see some photos of your project.

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