Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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One of the challenges in Round 11 Swap that is currently at it's "use by date", is

I tried out several ideas--
The first one, was a BLUE Hole in the ocean: Unfortunately, my ambition exceeded my capabilities. However, I will keep attempting to do it more successfully in the future.
In Moreton Bay (south east Queensland) at the southern end of Moreton Island, is a blue hole, strangely surrounded by shallows where dugongs and turtles live.

The second attempt I tried to think and work slightly outside the square,
in that I tried a reverse applique of the Kanjii symbol for 'water'.
Again I didn't like the result.

Finally, in a weekend newspaper, I chanced upon an advertisement for Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef.
I had my inspiration!
So, 12 seascapes later, I had completed my challenge. I hope my swappers enjoy my attempt.

TWELVE seascapes I hear you thinking! I only needed make six, but somehow I didn't register the number now I think I'll frame a few for presents.

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