Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today's mail


Today's mail brought a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES envelope to my mail box.
On opening it I recalled that JaniceS said her post master felt the card might be safer in a sealed envelope.

The postcard (another in Round 11 of Postmark'dArt exchange) was Janice's No theme card to me.
She chose "Haiku" which is a favourite of mine....not that I'm too successful in composing Haiku.

Both sides of the card were so good.....I had to share both with you.

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Candi said...

What can I say but WOW WOW WOW!! The post cards you've received and made are just gorgeous!! I was able to get the hang of the postcard but not the edges. My machine just wouldn't do a satin stitch on it, and the zig zag looked not so good. They're gorgeous thanks for sharing!