Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paper fabric


Yesterday was good weather for making some more paper fabric for later use.
I'm not altogether happy with the results, as I was "experimenting" in a "what if" mode.As usual I commenced with a layer of muslin and favourite colour ways: lavender , blue and pink tissues.
(Note to self: get out of the rut and buy some orange, purple & red tissue paper for a change!)

The first piece I used some old sheet music as I had the idea of theming it
The song is gone, but the melody lingers on
See March 2008 blogging

To my mind, I spoiled the effect by including large pieces of Angelina film, when I should have used only slivers of it.
Never mind....they can be cut out and used for something else in another project'

The second piece I layered flower sequins in the tissue paper. I was wondering if I would have trouble with airbubbles forming and the tissue tearing.
One thing I found was a new tool!
My silicon scraper makes a great tool for smoothing the wet tissue.!
I also use a foam stencil brush and splodged silver glitter powder on the paper. Nice effect I think.

The third piece was a re-jigged failure from last year, after I found that metallic tissue is NOT transparent.
I used yellow and spring green strips of tissue over those flower sequins again.Probably some Lumiere paint will be washed over the sheet, later.

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