Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another wandering "baby"


I opened my bedroom blinds this morning, to let the sun shine in--- and this gorgeous young lady was outside basking in the warm winter sunshine.

I've done all the "right" things: taken her to my Vet to check if she has micro chip ID (NO)

Tattoo in ear denoting having been desexed NO

Her belly fur is matted-- and she appears to have an abdominal hernia.

I photographed her and contacted the RSPCA to register as a "found " cat and as well as my /.554,.details I also emailed them her photo.
Tomorrow I will again notify the Peninsula Animal Aid centre and leave details.

This little lady appears to be a Turkish Van.....has she been a Show cat?
(No trouble getting her into a cat cage, and no "singing" in the car as we went to the Vet's office)
RSPCA asked if I wanted her picked up and put in their custody. Knowing they have a policy of "three days grace and then euthanising" I said NO.

I think there may be interesting times ahead.
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DelightfullyCrazy said...

She is beautiful Maureen .... I know how you love animals - she found her way to you ... perhaps for a reason ...xxxx

Maureen said...

She was gorgeous, but she moved on.
However there is a new man in my life.
Remember Nala?
Sam is from the same owner, and we have a mutual admiration society!

DelightfullyCrazy said...

I only just found this comment. Yes, I remember Nala.....
Sam has found a lovely home Maureen, I know how you are with animals ... very lucky cat. Hope you have been well, I think of you all the time!!