Friday, March 02, 2012

Gelatine mono printing

A couple of days back, I received my 8 by 10 inch sized Gelli Arts printing plate, and of course, everything was neglected until I had a "play".

Initially, I used a Neopaque Gold acrylic paint on the first piece of fabric and was most unhappy with the result.
Whether it was due to being the first time I had used the plate and the brayer, the paint did not transfer evenly to the fabric.
Of course, maybe the paint was too old? Who knows!
I did try reconstituting it with the addition of water and a good stirring when I saw how it was "clotting " on the fabric.

Anyway, using the rounded tip of a paintbrush, I traced wiggles and loops in the paint before placing the fabric on the plate.

I then switched to a larger piece of fabric which had already been through a test run of my Inktense Blocks. (LOVE my Inktense pencils!!)
For this attempt, I pulled out an "el cheapo" tube of Acrylic paint in FLUORO PINK.
(Nothing like making a colourful statement!!)
Using a half inch wide flat brush, I dragged vertical lines down the plate, then the wavy lines side to side.

I repeated similar over some of the yellow pieces that hadn't printed too well.
On a couple of the pieces of fabric I sprinkled some glitter which seems to have adhered to the paint.

Being rather warm weather here (32 deg C) the prints were dry in no time at all.
Today I'm hoping to cut some postcard sized pieces and doing some hand embellishing whilst I'm at the Sunshine coast this weekend

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