Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Returning to Crazy.....

 A newsletter from Quilt Inspirations last week featured  the wall hanging  on the left of the page  : "Jewelled Stitches".

      Apart from a (small) Fabric and fibre Postcard that I mailed to a friend a while back, it has been a very long time  since I tried any Crazy Patch and embellishing.
 So......here is my current UFO!
I didn't want to slavishly follow the layout of Jewelled stitches, so I decided to use elongated triangles.
In my opinion the basic piece had no ZING...and a girl has to have ZING before she can add Bling!!

Searching through more UFOs..in this case hearts I auditioned some, and settled for three.
But it still seemed a little blah, so I broke the cardinal rule of "uneven numbers" and added a fourth heart.

The lower two hearts have been  (machine) satin stitched in position.The two upper ones will be hand applique'd in position---because I left sufficient  seam allowances to be able to  do that.

And that's where I'm at! Two hearts to applique down, and then I can start the fun part of embellishing.

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