Saturday, May 12, 2012

{Pen's workshop

 Today was spent (AGAIN) auditioning fabrics!
I realised that this could happen 'ad nauseum' so I promised myself that this quilt would be what Pen intended it to be: a LEARNING experience!

I know now, that I would never use a piece of WHITE damask! Too stark.
And maybe, if I use the brocade again, I need something more than the striped fabric as a counter point.

I am not used to employing muted colours, and this workshop has re inforced that to me.
BUT! I need try new scenarios.... New colourways..
Not stay with "tried and true"!

The next few days I will try out some metallic threads..........whether they will be GOLD (metallic) or coloured?
At this stage, I have no idea!

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