Saturday, October 06, 2012

Desert Rose update

 Taken late afternoon in the golden glow of sunset, the budding Desert Rose.

Desert Rose because of its botanical name

Adenium obesum is sometimes referred to as Fat Boy.
The "obesum" tag refers to its water storing method generally at the base of the stem.
Originating in Africa and the Middle East, Adeniums are related to Alamandas,Oleanders and
I'm not sure just how tall these plants will grow, but mine, which were purchased as seedlings rather than propagated cuttings three years ago are now over one metre tall.

 I have one growing in a Bonsai pot and this plant in particular shows how the base develops similar to the Baobab tree in its efforts to retain and store water.

One point to remember is that its sap is toxic (like Oleander) so be aware of this if you have children or pets.
It's also a good (safety) practice to wash your hands if you do get sap on them.

Finally: this is my Stephanotis just coming into bloom.
Also known as Bridal veil vine ,and Madagascar Jasmine.
Mine started life as a seedling:(I believe they can be propagated from stem tips of half ripe wood)
The flowering plant is  doing very well in an elevated bed on the northern side of the house.
I have even had two seed pods produced.
They are like a smallish green woody pear. But nothing came from them, because I believe I cut them from the vine too early
Another plant, roughly only four feet away from this one, and in a large pot has produced nothing.
The friend who gave me the seedlings and is really a green thumb gardener, has had no flowers what so ever.
I wonder if she treated them too well!

Anyway, enough of gardening!
I am "auditioning" fabrics for a modern style of Crazy Quilted hanging: to be executed in black/white and red.
I feel a stash enhancement  trip coming on!

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