Monday, April 08, 2013


 Using the technique  popularised by Karen Eckmeier I tried making some" accidental landscapes" in Postcard format.
With "accidental landscapes, one starts layering at the top of the scene.
Each subsequent layer is topstitched in position, rather than the  raw edge applique I normally use..
And instead of using toning threads to sew down each layer I used Superior clear monofilament....I realise now that was a mistake. and in the future will avoid a short-cut in order to obtain a better result.

I wish I could say that I was happy with the resulting landscapes, but feel I need repeat the exercise in a size larger than 6 by 4 inches.
Also, adding some Angelina fibre plus a copper thread for "glitter" on the sunkissed water was  "too much" for such a small format.

 Cards 3 and 4 I used a softer fabric to represent the sky. and more greens for the hillsides:
I still didn't manage to incorporate the SEVEN that Eckmeier suggest using!

Oh well back to the drawing (and cutting board)

But that will need wait until I complete a couple of other postcards with different themes.

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