Monday, May 13, 2013

Butterflies are free

 It's a mad dash to complete my current postcard swaps before Thursday, when I'm scheduled for cataract surgery.

Sure, there's no real need to work so quickly, but I prefer to have the cards ready before time, just in case there are post-op problems.

I had already planned HOW I was going to work the cards, until...........!
I visited my local quilt supply shop for some overlocker needles, and there on the counter was this dusky pink fabric featuring butterflies and stamps!

What else could I do, but purchase a 15 centimetre strip and change my plans!

On cards number ONE and Three, I appliqued a digitised embroidered butterfly, whilst Card #2 had a dragonfly appliqued to it.
Card #1 also had a butterfly constracted of faux cabochon gem stones, whilst cards #2 and 3 had gemstone butteflies laid under tulle as there were no holes they could be stitched through to the background.

These will be sent to PostCard Mail Art members.

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