Friday, September 13, 2013

Theme: ABC

 ABC: Anything But Cotton!
Being restricted by the lack of cotton fabrics, what choices to make?

I went back to my roots, my first love: Crazy Patch and mainly after five type fabrics, consisting of brocade,  kimono silks, satin and some raw (rough textured) silk
 to which I added the embellishment of laces, braids and fancy edgings.

Over the years, my good friends have been "conditioned" to check with me before discarding any fabrics or embellishments, so I have my good friend Di to thank for the dragonfly brocade!
She had a tote bag that was showing signs of tiredness, so she deconstructed the bag and gifted me with  the brocade.
(Thanks Di!)

Another friend had supplied the raw silk and the emerald green
Thai silk, and the purple fabric with the yellow flowers in the last card was in a bag of used kimono silks I founds in Japan.Seam
treatments were done with various laces, braids and other trims accumulated/treasured over the years.

Bling was added with flower sequins, cabachon type crystals and butterflies.

The log cabin style card has a kitten in a basket in the central (hearth) block.

This card is destined for Lynn in Washington state........a cat lover like myself.

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