Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fools rush in..............

I know (life) wasn't meant to be easy,but this blogging thing is getting under my skin.(time out for a red snake/energy boost)
LindaB has been going "above and beyond" in helping a distance educator,she's great.
A big step for me was adding links to the other Australian CQers;this was achieved today.
Of course,after that success I had a rush of blood, and thought I go one step further(after reading SharonB's post on RSS and other things)
O.K. I got accepted by blogline,started following it's instructions to add "a formula" to the blog template and it was at that time that once again I thought "WHY am I doing this???"

I'll now go and see if my camera has spat the dummy too.


sharonb said...

I didn't make it clear enough that the feed is already there - so as long as you subscribe in bloglines you are right no need to tinker with your blog further-
drop me an email if you need help

Vivienne said...

Maureen, you are doing this for the same reason I am probably. While you keep learning new things, you keep the grey matter ticking over and Alzheimer's at bay. Viv

Sharon said...

Maureen - A few weeks ago I wasn't even aware that such things as blogs and blogging exsisted.. And after the last feww days I am beginning to wish I still didn't...
BUT on the upside I have found all you wonderfully talented people - and for that reason alone it is worth the perserverance... And I agree with vivienne's comments too for the very same reasons...