Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Here it is,some 17days since my last entry all due to Murphy's theory of great plans going astray..........
What was slated to be an "overnighter" in hospital turned into two bouts of failed surgery and finally escaping to home a week later.
The only stitching done was on me as I certainly didn't feel like doing needlework at all.
Slowly getting up to speed(read "snail pace") and I'm still playing with the templates for those CQed fans.
A surprise in the mail Monday yielded a stack of silk off-cuts from a CQ devotee in Kingscliff.Gorgeous colours and prints and in many cases featuring those frogged buttons and loops frequently seen on Chinese fashions.
Also included was offcuts of bridal lace,which I think will "take" very well with some Ozecraft dyes.

Today brought another parcel,from England:An Autumn wall hanging made by DiT........looks GOOD on my brick feature wall with two other autumn toned hangings.
Also included were two pieces of fabric to add to my CQ featured a print of sequins.........fishes maybe for the summer-coast bra?I'll scan and add it if possible to the Flickr site.
I've done a little stitching on "that bra";and am well enough along to think of embellishing with seaweeds,shells,etc.
I've also used a very pale blue tricot over a blue/aqua silk in the hope of representing waves in the shallow waters...........

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