Monday, March 07, 2005

Summer coast

I'm slowly coming to grips with the " Summer:coast bra";It's amazing what depth a few
pieces of 'seaweed' add to the overall effect.I've draped and couched some "faux fur" knitting fibres both through the water and washed up on the sand;
added some fish and dolphins to the waves and a strand of Hibertia flowers across the sandhills.
I must admit I'm finding this bra more fiddly than the first(even though the same size bra is being used for the foundation), However that may be due to using heavier quality fabrics to produce more texture to the land/sea-scape.........I'll certainly use only silk fabrics for the next edition!

Now I'm off to do battle with the scanner to determine WHY it has decided to do a dummy-spit.I sincerely hope it's due to a loose connection somewhere;Since the tradesmen invaded my home territory over the last fortnight,telephone cable has been amputated,and re-attached, ISP has been temperamental;so why not the scanner and printer too!!!

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