Friday, June 03, 2005

Frustration rules supreme!

I have been trying(unsuccessfully I must add) for the last hour to upload one picture to this Blog!!One of the southerncrosscrazies (who is participating in a RR with me and four other ladies )kindly sent me a pic of the work she had done on MarianE's block.
I've tried uploading to both this and the other Blog (CQCrazy) but apparrently Picasa and Hello have decided to go on strike :-(
Maybe I'll try again ............tomorrow!
Sorry Maxine.

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Sharon said...

Maureen - One certainly learns patience with these machines... I once saw a cartoon with the caption that 'They (computers) can smell fear...' I am sure that they can... The more frustrated you become - the more stubborn they are to work... Good Luck!!!!