Saturday, June 04, 2005

Still frustrated!

There's no fear in me Sharlee---------I KNOW that this 'puter is smarter than me!
I snuck in this morning to try uploading that pic again;The result?
I'll try it to Flickr now and see if that works.........I'm NOT gonna let a heap of plastic,glass and diodes beat me!

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Sharon said...

LOL Maureen... I don't know about you - but heck(cleaned up version here) we can't know everything... After a lifetime of cooking, cleaning, sorting, school fetes, kids concerts, finding,(did I DO last night's homework?), oh yes let me add that to the list - 'helping" with projects that have to be in tomorrow, repairing hearts as well as material objects, counselling, mediating - um, and all those other bits- and that is just a day's work - we are meant to be computer literate as well!! Give over... If it makes you feel better - I started a new temp position I couldn't get the number keypad to work got the boss(very young man) - he took one look and pressed the number lock button - well, so I don't use that part of the keyboard that often... But I bet he couldn't sew a button on - he has a mother for that!!!!!