Friday, July 01, 2005

Dancing Fans----fan dancing?

This is the fan I chose to work on for MaureenB(akaMaureen3).
M3 had added the white braid and I've added a small bouquet of SRE and BDE flowers in the top patch;
A fan in Edmar lola thread,and using the same thread on both sides of the striped block, I've straight stitched fans on one side seam and lazy-daisy fans on the opposite seam.
On the other striped block I meandered a chain stitch in metallic black down the seam.Finally a small butterfly hovers in the remaining patch---I still can't decide whether to add a flower too!
Then the blocks will continue down south to CatherineS in Victoria

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Sharkeysday said...

oh, see - and I thought I was doing such a nice job on my new block until I saw yours! GORGEOUS (with more than a slight hint of jealousy!)!
Well, back to stitching I guess! :-)