Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bags of fun??

The aim is to construct a bag----handbag,carry bag,whatever from preloved denim jeans;skirt;scraps of denim.

Now jeans as a form of clothing, I first wore in the 1950s(yes Sharon, a dinosaur is participating!!)
Back then(in the 50s),....mine were green, baggy and great for horse riding,bike riding and just generally "mucking around".Jeans wre definitely NOT the fashion statement of more recent years
Enough of the reminiscing!
When my daughter's household furnishings leave for a new/permanent home tomorrow,I'll dig out my off cuts,my skirt and my son's cast offs and make a start.
As I want a practical bag,mine will (hopefully) be mainly hand embroidered with coarse threads,and maybe some applique that will stand up to a life of hard workItemURL>