Friday, August 19, 2005

A WiP!

Cat stitchery on Organza

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Being owned by three cats,I tend to be influenced by them in my stitching.
A couple of years back, after buying several of Gary Clarke's books ,I tried his method of embroidering on Organza.
Several cushions were the result,and one heart shaped motif, which was swapped in Chain of Hearts with Dawn in Nova Scotia.This I did for myself.
It still needs some whiskers and shading in the tail area.
The threads are Madeira Decora.


Isabelle said...

I love it Maureen!
Stitching on organza must be difficult.

Maureen said...

I didn't find it difficult,probably because I didn't
realize that it might be!!! (VBG)
The organza has a cotton fabric backing and I was using a fine milliner's needle and only one or two strands of Decora.
And I'm always ready to try something for myself.
My motto tends to be
"What if.......
Why not???"

Dawn said...

Your work is so lovely Maureen, and I love your motto! As for myself, I like to 'think outside the box.' Perhaps this is why crazy quilting appeals to me. I absolutely refuse to fit in that slot that others have prepared for me.