Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Update on the last week or so--

I'm feeling a little more relaxed in that I've completed work on one of my RRs and it's all bundled up ready for mailing back to it's owner!
I've also completed a couple of the Mother Goose themed Redwork block swap that I joined---------however,I do not like Yellow work (as requested by one of the group!)but the lavender and the blue? Oh YES!!
All I have left to do, is 3 blocks in varying shades of RED.
I have MarianE's four Fan blocks for the Fan dancing CQRR to make a start on,but the ideas are flowing so I forsee few problems(Famous last words??)
On Joma's block I had "fun" attempting my first beetle..........Couldn't master the knack of laying sequins for the wings,so I resorted to bullion stitches.A bit more practise required there,methinks :-(
---and finally:that Bag of Fun!
The wretched thing has a mind of its own,and is progressing----s-l-o-w-l-y
The only section I'm (nearly) content with is a curving line of Twisted Basque Stitch.Thanks SharonB for causing me to "try it out".

I've been conversing by email lately with Cindy Thury Smith,and on her invitation dropped in to visit her web site where I'm learning of what's involved in wool fulling.........I think it was JanW from southerncrosscrazies who was asking about the availabilty of commercial fulled wool recently,and MaryC-B mentioned how to DIY.....Cindy is hooked on it,go have a look at her fulled wool CQ!

and if my link still doesn't work,cut and paste the www.quiltsbycts to your addie line!

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