Sunday, September 04, 2005

Update on THAT bag...........

All that really has happened to it( Bag of Fun Challenge) is that I've unearthed MORE bits ' pieces to embellish the bag with:
Having decided that I was wasting too much time attempting to punch needle on denim,I've gone back to using a calico foundation,which will then be appliqued to the bag when the motifs are completed.

After spending the afternoon yesterday at a (jazz) dance display at ANZ Stadium,my sweet grand daughter presented me with a denim skirt she had outgrown,saying
"Gran,a bag for ME would be nice!!(how could I say NO)
At least with the skirt having a red waistband,colour has already been introduced to the equation.
I must visit Spotlight tomorrow.............I've found that my stock of (very) lightweight cotton is non existent and if I want to make those "jocks for a cure" I'll need to buy more fabric in order to make a start on that project.
With that in mind,I'll close off here and go punch a thread or three,as well as a little more work on Marian's Dancing Fan blocks

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