Monday, October 17, 2005



Somewhere out there in cyber space are 3 or 4 pics the same as this!
I've tried four times today to publish;so hopefully this time it's successful.
We never know what bird life to expect as visitors in our yard:this morning a pair of King Parrots dropped in for a late breakfast.
Larger than Rainbow Lorikeets and Pale-headed Rosellas,and smaller than our Lagoon Creek Black Cockatoos,Suphur crested Cockatoos and the Galahs,they are certainly an aggressive duo---the pic shows them giving some hurry-up to an inoffensive pale head rosella,before they in turn were hounded on their way by a noisy friar bird!

On a sad note,the little immature "scaly" has not put in an appearance today:whether it succumbed to the cold and wet of the weekend;or damaged by the other older birds;or just found enough blossom in the wild.....who knows? Posted by Picasa

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