Friday, October 21, 2005

That Craft Fair


I ventured down to Brisbane today to the Craft Fair.
What a disappointment for this hunter/gatherer...
(I think the one in April?May had far more appealing wares)
I went with a LIST and was disappointed to come home minus some of the goodies I was chasing---
amongst the items high on my agenda were Angelina fibres.........seems like the ThreadPlace in Perth or (forget who) in NZ are my only options.
Then I was on the look-out for Sculpey Art-doll moulds--------nada,zip,zilch!
Sculpey,Jovi polymer clays...........nil;
Fabric for my punch-needle with silk ribbon?? At least I could count on Pamela Gurney and her Dancing PunchNeedles( to supply the threads and fabric,AND a quick tecnique brush-up for the silk ribbon punch-needle )
Next on my list was a book on Fabric Bowls by Linda Johansenn...........YES!!

and a couple of mini porcelain dolls to grace my 1/12th size beds and cot....yes!!
Tatting edging,crochet motifs.....The Lace Place
Cotton broder edging and sumptous cotton laces...Starrs Lace.Worth visiting just to listen to HIS banter!! VBG
I checked out the Quilt Show section.............only found one CQ!
But the postcards from Alaska!!! Loved them!!I have a few ideas now for that Postcard swap next year with Mary-Frances'group (in Oregon??)
Maybe it's my sick SoH,but the postcard featuring roadkill was most memeorable!

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Sharon said...

You are not the only one who was disappointed... From what I heard from my friends of this years shows here in Melbourne they were disappointed too... I have not been to a show for a couple ofyears as I think they have become 'tired'... Although I did go to the quilt show which was here in Feb - it was only quilting and stitch related with again only quilt related trade tables and workshops - It was small compared to the BIG shows but I loved it... It ran over three days and I believe it is happening again next Feb... It also had three exhibitions as well with such a diverse amount of work that in itself that was a feast...