Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pack-rat? Hoarder? You decide.

For the last two days I've been trying to re-organize storage space in the room that doubles as"office" and craft library.
I'm trying to be ruthless and cull the books,mags,fabrics that as they haven't been used for two plus years, I reckon I'll NEVER use.

Of course I have to double check "everything" don't I,so the process is slooooooooooooow!!
This morning,I have found :

part of a Recipe book printed in 1890s

A pattern for a Norman Hartnell designed skirt (courtesy English Woman's day,about 1955)

"Toys and Gifts" to make for Christmas (AWW Nov1972)

"Toys and Doll's Clothes" (AWW,October 1964)

and I also found " Ideas for Clothing Decoration"from Sunset books,Ca. printed in 1977;
I was happy to rediscover this because I remembered an embroidered denim skirt in it and thought it might be adaptable to those bags of Fun.......
In a word? NO!!
(I'll scan & upload some pics later to remind you of what was trendy in the 70s)

Knitting and Crochet books from late 40s

The first editions of Down Under Quilts;Inspirations;Australian Country Craft;Needlecraft---;CQNewsletter!

And I have the cheek to rubbish DH for his "junk"....

And with the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house,I think it's time for a break........

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Calidore said...

When you're finished cleaning up your stash - do you want to clean mine? Walked into the sewing room last night, dumped something (can't remember what it was and can't find it) and walked out again. It is definately the too hard basket.