Monday, October 03, 2005

Some facts relating to "that Bag"


Reading Jacqui's queries re the Size and style of jeans used,I thought it may help others who want to try these bags for themselves!

The red hat bag was a cut down pair of Size 8 ladies jeans;I initially performed surgery just above the crotch seam to give basic shape.
The bag finally ended up as 12 inches deep and 16 inches wide.
The straps and the bag base I was able to cut from the legs.
Thanks to a sample from Ronnie,I used Timtex to provide a stable base in my bag and I LIKE the stuff!

(is Ronnie's site to find out more about Timtex in Australia; and no I don't own shares :-) )

My "Butterflies are free",which is still a WiP is (being) constructed from a ladies size 12 denim mini skirt,which I can see will present new challenges for constructing handles and base as not as much off-cuts are available.

I also have a pair of men's jeans with a 100cm they are DAUNTING!
But as my DiL would like a denim bag,maybe I can turn those into an overnight bag??

And I must add an apology......I still can't get the "link" thingie to work for me,so you'll need to cut and paste the URL to your browser to view Ronnie's site!

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