Thursday, November 24, 2005

The birthday was last Sunday.............


.......and this MUST be completed by Saturday evening!
after making my BoF "growing old,disgracefully"Link ,in a weak moment I offered to make one for a family member whose birthday is November 20.
She is not "into" embellishment like me,so it's been a challenge to adapt a (largeish) pair of men's jeans into a bag.I finally opted for a type of broderie perse,where I vlisoflexed floral sprays to the denim and satin-stitched them into position.
I've been attempting to keep the design relatively simple and so there is not as much hand embroidery as I normally add.
Instead of two back pockets I've discarded one and relocated the other centrally so that I could reduce the size of the back panel.
I'll use the fabric I line the bag with to also line/contrast with the bag straps.
The lower (right hand facing) corner I'll add some handwork to balance the left side. Posted by Picasa

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Chloe said...

Ooooh - are you sending it over to BoF - I am just starting on my second.

This may never stop!