Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another bag;another deadline

This is for my youngest grand-daughter whose birthday is.....tomorrow!
Now that the Christmas Ornie swap is out of the system(all posted off this morning)
it's panic stations to complete this by tomorrow evening.
I promised to construct a bag for Kayla,and she wanted cats,flowers, hearts,a butterfly.........
My butterflies are too big to add to the front,so maybe I'll have to cheat and use butterfly beads among the flowers .when I get 'round to adding them.The midnight oil will be burnt tonight! Posted by Picasa


Jacqui said...

The cats are beautiful - how did you do them maureen? You must be able to make these bags in your sleep by now - will the sewing machien do them by itself too :) Any more planned or have you had enough?

Calidore said...

Ohh very nice Maurren. Repeating Jacqui's question - How do you make those cats???? Just love them.