Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Autumn Crazy

I think I mentioned that I'd been in "catch-up mode"?
This is one of my recently finished pieces for my Art journal quilt group:
"Autumn Crazy"
I just felt that CQ and Autumn colours go well together,and this was the result..........except for the skeletonised leaves,there is NO embellishment!
Definitely a first for me.
It's funny how when people ask my favourite colours,the shades of Autumn never get a mention,but my favourite pieces are all based on Autumn,and some form of CQ.
Of course I should admit also that Mounts Bay Road in Perth in Autumn,and "Autumn leaves" and "Smoke gets in your eyes" have always been my favourite memories too. Posted by Picasa


Jo in NZ said...

Maureen I LOVE this!! I'm an Autumn girl too. Are the leaf skeletons real??

not even tempted to do a teeny tiny bit of stitching......

Ribbonwiz said...

Mounts Bay Road is still beautifully tree lined., and kings park is still the best place to view perth from...only now we have a train being constructed down the middle of the freeway...can't stop progress..