Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pandora contained


As regular readers will know,I've been involved in a fabric Posctard swap with the theme: Pandora's Box.
I've showed one that I mailed out,and today it was my turn to receive an absolutely brilliant rendition from my online friend, Belle.
She referred to her work of art as "Pandora contained" and included by a separate mailing, her interpretation of her work.
I've included her original notes and if they are not clear enough I'll add later.

I have felt truly honoured and humbled to receive such a beautiful work:
I already have a needle felted frangipani (Postcard)from her skilled fingers,
but when I think of the research,the interpretation;the cutting and stitching that went into Pandora's creation I had to SHARE with you,my readers, this treasure.

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