Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 8 FnF Postcards


Xpandaprint, is a thick creamy medium that expands when heated.
It can be applied by brush,roller,sponge or spatula.
It's non toxic and comes in black or white;I use white because it's easier to mix colours into it rather than black;But I mainly paint afterthe heat curing process.

So far I've used Xpandaprint in postcards and art journal quilts by building up the required shape with an artist's spatula and other finer implements(skewers, satay sticks)
The post cards featured today were both for the theme "Pandora's Box"...
The first one I had in mind to depict an actual box shape;
The second one should really be titled "Pandora's bed"!

There was a really good article in the Spring (#6) issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine:

the workshop.....EXPLORING Xpandaprint

Eight different mehtods and directions plus photographic samples were a great help to me for expanding(no pun intended) my crafting horizons. Posted by Picasa

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