Saturday, August 26, 2006 goddess


Art doll? Goddess?
Who knows?
This pink confection is a WiP,following on from my Needle felting workshop with Rita Weisse a couple of weekends ago.
I want to add more beads and possibly fancy yarns to dress her up a little before declaring her finished....although with that headpiece she already puts me in mind of Carmen Miranda!

I'm still 'looking' at Mrs Hobbit and wondering whether quadruple amputations on hands and feet might save her.........I doubt it.
Maybe the colour is off-putting! I just can't work up the enthusiasm to subject her to cosmetic surgery;
so I'm beginning to think mrs 'obbit will remain unfinished business. Posted by Picasa


Sapphire Dakini said...

She's really great! Can't wait to see her dressed up.

Margaret said...

Now could that little darling be your "ME" in discuise ?????????hehehe

Helen said...

She's definately Jamaican Maureen.Maybe you could turn Mrs.'Obbitt into a witch LOL.
On Rissa's Pieces, found a link to a website of stuffed animals either knitted from mohair or needlefelted.Very cute. Some nice nature photography there too.