Monday, October 16, 2006

Describing those "clear envelopes"

Those clear" envelopes" are all clear , and similar in construction to the cellophane bags/envelopes you can purchase some commercial cards in (make sense?)
They are NOT like the 'windows" which herald a bill arriving.
I buy mine through a local "scrapbooking and stamping shop".If you're not planning on making a heap of cards,you'll probably find that a pack of 10 (for $2 )is sufficient.
I think they are referred to as an A5 size:They are marginally larger than a 6x4 postcard and have a resealable flip -over flap on the 'short side'
Just make certain that when you seal the envelope you bring the flap down far enough that it is a firm fit around the length of the card.
I also tend to have the picture side on the flap side,and the 'smooth' side on the address side.
I did try scanning one,but being transparent,no amount of editing produced a good image,sorry.

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