Friday, October 20, 2006


The brief as stipulated by Normajean was to make some dolls using hardware components and to keep the dolls less than bulky for mailing!

I had such fun with Di's Wacky women that I used a similar formula for my "Honey-doos" .
In some ,the armature for the body were made using electrical wiring : the same way as I used the pipe cleaners in the wacky women;

Instead of Florist's tape I used electrical insulation tape to firm and shape the torsos(Not much different to Florist's tape,just heavier quality)

I'd forgotten to buy stainless steel pads for the hair so I used some of the workshop's steel wool pads and gave my girlz a really bad hair day!

(Steel wool hair just loves static electricity build up!)

Battery connectors were used in some of the "hunnies"for hands and feet,and I need to make some "jewellery" featuring fibre washers and beads. Posted by Picasa


Helen in the UK said...

These are so cool - looks like you had fun making them :)

Jane said...

Oh my goodness, they are fabulous! It does indeed look like you had a blast bringing them to life.