Monday, October 23, 2006

Masks,masks,Masks.....FAPC group


The red and gold "Masks add mystery to encounters" card arrived today from JanetP in Nebraska.
The predominantly black and white mask from Darlene S was blogged back around October 11.
When the third card (that completes this swap) arrives,I'll photograph the three together so the effects are more clearly visible.
My editting of scanned pics is not the best.

In the meantime,I'm attempting some CQed Christmas themed cards for my "Crazyquilting friends"........some pics later
(when I manage some satisfactory results) Posted by Picasa

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Rose Anne B said...

Oh Maureen I just love the first mask and can't wait to maybe swap with you on that group one day! Lovely work! The slippers are very cute too!