Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aurora australis revisited

A long,long time ago............
(NO! It's not a fairy story) I was lucky enough to experience an Aurora australis.........the "southern lights",whilst living in Western Australia.
I was probably about 7 or 8 years at the time,and I've never seen them (the Lights)since!

Anyway,those celestial fireworks made a great impression all those years ago ,
and I thought that my (new) Janome Xpressions might be a way to recapture the experience!

Using spiral dyed silk tops by Jacinta Leishman,some Angelina fibres and a "natural" Silk Noil as the foundation fabric, this was my second attempt with the embellisher.
I'll try adding extra embellishing with beads and crystals and maybe some extra fibres.(Angelina and others)
As yet I haven't determined "how thick" I should make the layer of fibres on the foundation,and,surprisingly for a CQer,I prefer "less is more" rather than "lay it on with a trowel".

WHY did I blog this?
Simply because my "reverse applique cityscape" has been consigned to the dump!
My ambitions exceeded my capabilities,and I had to show something to prove that I have been experimenting,if nothing else. Posted by Picasa


Frederique said...

Sorry for your "reverse applique cityscape", but I love this northern light, oups... southern light! I saw 2 of them when I was sailing in Alaska and Queen Charlotte Islands (Canada, BC), this is so beautiful. Yours has very nice colors.
For my celtic bird, he's coming from a French magazine, I am not able to create one by myself...

NuvoFelt said...

Keep going, Maureen, you are heading in the right direction! Looking forward to more creations.


Ribbonwiz said...

Gorgeous colours!
The Aurora australis that you saw would have had to be up north Maureen...I have never seen one yet.

Maureen said...

All I ever saw up the Northwest was dust storms and willy-willies!
No,I actually saw the Aurora when living in South Perth,probably about 1945-47.....when pollution wasn't so bad.