Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Work in Progress

Today I had another session on my Xpression

I decided to use a printed polyester fabric as the foundation,because my aim was to embellish rather than felt;
In my eyes the irregular fabric pattern was loosely based on tropical flowers and I thought this would allow for trying both silk tops,wool roving and some Angelina fibres.
Being totally new to this form of embellishing/needle punching I must admit to only having the vaguest idea of what I'm doing.........probably breaking heaps of so called rules in the process.

Anyway my plan for this piece is to adapt it to my journal quilt format........
only it will have a shaped base rather than a regular rectangular shape........
like the banners of old!
Once I get it shaped and backed I hope to add hand worked embellishing and doo- dads and make it all just a "little bit crazy" Posted by Picasa

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emmyschoonbeek said...

This going to be wonderful Maureen
about the yahoo group I did not get a reply but I just made a post on the site and got a reply so I think I am in you must try that to
and an other thing is going on
for the new embellisher owners