Friday, November 03, 2006


Today I finally took delivery of my Janome Xpression Needle Punching machine.

It seems forever Since Emmy told me of her Embellisher,and now.....
big smiles and fun times ahead for this gal!

When I played the accompanying DVD and heard the magic words No rules I thought
(For those who don't know me,I'm slightly obsessed with Crazy Quilting and adore the
No rules Rule! )
I've never been truly comfortable with (traditional) Patchwork & Quilting which demands matching points and straight seams.
I like to operate on the
What if,why not ?? principle.

So,after raiding my sewing "trash bag" of fabric and thread off-cuts I chose to use a piece of a discarded satin pillow slip as the foundation fabric
(not a good choice,by the way)

After needle punching some fabrics to the base,I pulled out handsful/handfuls(?) of discarded threads and silk ribbons,laid them on the foundation,

overlaid all with white nylon organza and "punched" the lot together!

I then randomly laid some faux fur knitting yarn and repeated the needling.

Finally,using three small circular layers of organza I attempted some basic 3-D flowers.

I know I'm going to have fun! Posted by Picasa


emmyschoonbeek said...

congrats Maureen you have got it and now go girl ,and there are no rules that is so take anuthing and try organza ,silk ,fantasie threads ,wol .and layer on layer .
And let us see the result .
Have fun Emmy

Linda said...

Congrats on your new machine. I have had the Embellisher for almost a year and I am still learning. Practice, practice, practice. There are some interesting books out now so those will add to your knowledge base.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.