Saturday, December 09, 2006

Needlefelt Rectangles Challenge

No artistic merit in this composition,but an attempt to meet the challenge of
"Shapes: Rectangles" before attempting the next challenge:

Firstly,using brown (craft) felt as the foundation I needle felted some Sari yarns,then cut them to shape.
The three tone green rectangle was felted directly to the green foundation,
and the rectangle superimposed on it was cut to shape then embellished to the base felt.
The sari yarn rectangles were then cut to shape and added.
(Some metallic threads were added for extra 'life'

My personal reaction to sari yarns?
Make sure you choose the type designated as suitable for's softer,easy to handle and fairly easy to 'destruct' or unwind to fibres for needle-felting.
On the other hand,the orange-red toned yarn above was purchased for knitting......NOT a good move,as I found it rough and scratchy and not at all pliable or satisfactory for the scarves I intended seems to have a high component of fabric strips rather than the respun fibres of the embroiderers yarn Posted by Picasa

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NuvoFelt said...

Well done Maureen. I suppose you could have done just anything, really, and cut the finished piece into a rectangle - I was tempted to do that! Useful tips about the sari yarn.