Sunday, December 03, 2006

A satisfactory day

Oh it feels good to see what's been accomplished today!

Two rich fruit cakes finally baked....for Christmas/New Year;

A beautiful loaf of bread;

Four jars of Tomato Relish

EIGHT postcards completed and ready for sending on their way as part of the Art2Mail Group 18 swap....(only another 15 to complete my committment there)
A birthday card printed for my only grandson's eighteenth birthday next week.

And I'm still trying summon courage to switch to BetaBlogger as 'everyone' seems to think I should.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason I switched was because I was intimidated by the stuff Blogger kept throwing at me every time I logged in! It was easy enough to change over, but it is a pain in the proverbial to post comments to other blogs, so I am going 'anonymous' with my name at the end.