Saturday, December 02, 2006

Postcards in the pipeline

I "know" I should have been doing 'house things" today,but I was itching to stitch!
So here's a peek at some of my yet to be completed cards.....eleven in all,but you don't get to see the lot-------yet!
I need a whole heap for international postings,so I thought maybe I could do a little cheating....
The wild bird photos have all been taken in my yard in the last couple of months,so I've printed some to fabric and,using Australiana fabric designs have framed the pics with a rudimentary crazy patch.
WHY do I think this is cheating.........because,although the photos are my work it doesn't seem arty enough.
What do YOU think?Would you be happy to receive one of these cards,or would you feel 'cheated' at lack of art work?

The third card....another masked reveller has been languishing in a WISP pile for a few months;
and the fourth: another Christmas card. Posted by Picasa


Di said...

What's art? It is a very subjective thing. One person's idea of art is completely different to another persons. You have taken something very beautiful (ie. a native bird), photographed it and transferred it to another medium (ie fabric). Personally I think you have enhanced the postcard by using an image from around you. I would be delighted if I receieved a card like this - definitely not feel 'cheated'!!

Margaret said...

And I agree with Di, Your cards are as usual priceless.
XXXX Margaret

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I agree with the previous statements. If one of those is for me? I can hardly wait.

Jane said...

Oh, my those are just beautiful. And not cheating at all. I'd love to receive something like that!