Sunday, December 17, 2006


Can you imagine.........a very dear friend gives you a gorgeous brocade fabric and says
"I thought you could cut it up and use it in your CQ"
The "it" in question she acquired when living in Japan a couple of years back;
"It" is a sample of Obi fabric from a sample book,much like we Occidentals are used to seeing upholstery samples.

When you look at the reverse side of the brocade,and see the count of silk threads used to weave the pattern on the front,you are" blown away" by the intricacy of the weave.

No way will I ever be "cutting it up".
The fabric is 12 inches wide...........when I think of the Haiku that refers to
"A folded fan of autumn is inserted
In the obi hard like a board"
It makes me wonder,just how uncomfortable a twelve inch sash around the waist would be!

I still dream the improbable dream,that "one day" I might get to visit Hokkaido and northen parts of Japan and experience for myself a culture that has long fascinated me. Posted by Picasa

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Gina E. said...

It would indeed be a crime to cut up that piece of material! I spent two weeks in Japan in 1976 and would love to return. Like you, the culture fascinates me, and I have many beautiful bits and pieces around our house that my Japanese penpal has sent me over the past 30 years. Including a traditional wedding kimono, which is hanging on the wall in my linen room.