Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lounge lizard

Yesterday the birds were making a great commotion in the backyard ,and being rather busy at the time I didn't check it out. Later,in the afternoon I was out the front,heard a rustling in the plants and saw Jesse chase "something "onto the front porch;I arrived in time to see a stripy tail slide between the glass doors and into the lounge room.........

This 18 inch Monitor lizard was inside and safe from cats/Jesse.

Now,I can tolerate the odd skink or gecko inside,but not a lizard this size,so my husband played the wild life warrior and caught it
Unfortunately when it was released outside ,it moved so quickly
(in some areas they are referred to as Racehorse goannas )
that I did not get a full length photo.........beautiful markings!

Again this morning,the birds were giving their alarm calls: he was back up a gum tree and the butcher birds,magpies and willy wag-tails were harassing him to leave "their" territory. Posted by Picasa

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