Thursday, January 11, 2007

Picture this.............

Today we drove down to Woody Point for an in depth look at what will be our new home come February10/12.
(For "in -depth" read "armed with tape measure & notebook" !)

On realizing that the kitchen did include a "you beaut" M/W oven,my comment was :
"My old M/W can go in the laundry......................."

Stunned expressions from current owner and the realtor.............
until I explained that I would be using laundry M/W for dyeing silk ribbons and fabrics in the laundry rather than in the kitchen.!!

Can't think outside the square can they!
Maybe I need tea bags & mugs in the broom cupboard VBG!


Erica said...

well duh! doesn't everyone have a MW in the laundry! I've got a toaster oven there too.....and a boiler (for papermaking) in the garage...actually I've got more cookware in the rest of the house than in the kitchen

Nellie Bass Durand said...

While I was reading this posting my husband brought in the mail and handed me a rather fat envelope. What a surprise to find not one, bit TWO postcards from you. I'm DELIGHTED!

Jo in NZ said...

Maureen, where are your archives??
I'm pleased to hear that you have found a new home, I hope you both settle in quickly and you are not kept away from creative persuits for to long.