Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An experiment

ATCs and Postcards
Originally uploaded by curli
I'm trying to decide which is the best foundation for use with my Janome Xpression:
This WiP is being formed on a piece of Fast2fuse stabiliser.
So far,I've found that although the firmer stabiliser is easier to manage,I still get some distortion of the shape.
Of course,because I was thinking "postcard" I started with virtually a 6by 4 inch shape,which did not leave much room for error.
I had hoped to add some FME to this piece,but unfortunately,my trusty old Janome developed severe health problems yesterday,so until I acquire another (traditional) sewing machine...........

I also worked on a couple of Australian themed ATCs.........but not with the Xpression.


Micki said...

This is lovely Maureen. I am like you, still trying to find what is the best thing to use as the base for my pieces. I am loving my Xpression more each time I use it (which hasn't been as much as I would like.) :-(

Gerry said...

Love the layered, landscaped look. You've done a fantastic job her!